About therabrew

Here at therabrew, we believe in the power of traditional medicine. We are given one body to nourish and cherish, so why not let us assist. Our therapeutic tea blends aim to bring relief to those common health issues that affect all of us. We understand that many individuals subject the idea of taking medications that come with adverse side affects, so therabrew is your new therapeutic way to bring you relief and improve your health. Our soothing tisanes are formulated with the finest certified organic ingredients to ensure you know exactly what you're putting into your body. By supporting us, we can support you and together we can support your body. 

Therabrew was founded by Alexsandra Letunica, a big advocate for healthy eating and wellness. With a background in Nutritional Science, Alexsandra strongly believes in nourishing the body inside & out to support the bodies growth and development.


"I chose to pursue a career in Nutrition as food is a fundamental aspect of our existence and what we put into our body has the greatest impact on how we feel physically and emotionally. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up becoming the biggest step in our lives and thats why I created therabrew with the fundamental belief that it's the little things we do for ourselves that make the greatest impact in our lives, and together with therabrew I strive to support and assist individuals to make these changes."