Things To Do At Home During Isolation

With our schedules cleared and all this spare time amongst us, life can become quite boring if you’re not used to such a mellow day. Sometimes you need some extra little tasks throughout the day to keep you pre-occupied. “Inserts ways to keep busy during isolation” into Google. Unfortunately, this is just a period of time in our lives that will be like this, we can’t change the environment around us, but we can definitely change how we respond to the situation. Now something everyone should be doing during this period of being at home is cleaning. Now before you close the tab because the word cleaning bores and frightens you have a think about that abandoned bathroom cupboard. Think about the hoarded creams, shavers and products you’ve stored away thinking you will use one day, but it’s been 3 years since you’ve stored it there. Guilty like the rest of us. Finding some time to de-clutter the bathroom from out of date products (Yes, your sanitary products have a use-by) and cleaning/ re-organising is something that should be done.


It’s not just the food in your fridge or pantry that has a best before or use by date, it’s also your sanitary products. You wouldn’t go ahead and eat a year-old yoghurt, would you? So why keep putting out of date products onto your skin. Have I scared you yet? Don’t fear, we have created a little guide to help de-clutter your bathroom and detect those un-necessary/ out of date products from your cupboards.

 Here’s Our Easy Step Guide To Help De-Clutter A Space


Step 1. Take everything out

That’s right take everything out of that cupboard onto the bathroom floor or bench and get a real good look of the products you’ve stored far away deep into that hoarded space.

Step 2. Check the products use by

The best before/ product use by is usually displayed on the bottom of your products. It may also be represented with a “12M” meaning use within 12 months. So, if you happen to still have that bulk 1litre bottle of Listerine that you purchased 2 years ago it’s time to give it a toss.

Step 3. Start the keep or toss process

Ask yourself have I used this in the past two weeks? If yes then keep, if no ask yourself is this a backup of a product in case it runs out, or am I waiting to use this when my product runs out? If Yes Keep, if No Toss!


De-cluttering a space not only improves the appearance of that area but actually has the ability to improve your mental health. This is no joke! De-cluttering has been regarded to pose many psychological benefits.

Here are 3 benefits De-cluttering can have on your health:

  • De-cluttering utilises thought processes and decision making which stimulates confidence and self-efficacy.
  • De-cluttering, organising and cleaning has the ability to reduce anxiety. When our belongings are scattered all over the place, it creates an anxious and stressed situation when you’re trying to look for things.
  • Less family arguments. There will be no need for arguments amongst the household about who stole who’s shaver or creams


Now that you have read our simple and easy guide, it’s time to utilise some of that spare time and get de-cluttering. Brew some tea, play some great tunes and clean away.

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