Rejecting Diet Culture

Today let’s talk about Diet Culture. Our society is engulfed by it. We value weight, shape and size over health and well-being. We restrict, cut out carbs, starve ourselves and then call it “wellness”. We categorize food as good or bad and stop ourselves from enjoying vital things in life.  Yes, food is vital and it’s a fundamental aspect of our existence and we shouldn’t be punishing ourselves from enjoying it. Instead of restricting and creating disconnection from your body’s natural signals, create healthy habits and be mindful and intuitive towards your eating and lifestyle choices. 

The dominant view in today’s society is that the smaller you are the healthier you are and is solely focused on physical health instead of whole health and wellbeing. You need to reject diet culture and honour your health by being gentle with yourself and creating a peaceful relationship with food. Honouring your hunger and eating regularly shouldn’t be a daunting task, so why has diet culture made it to be this way.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthier, eating more nutritious foods and setting goals for yourself. But we shouldn't let the toxicity of diet culture turn us into obsessed calorie counting robots. This is where we must be mindful and intuitive towards our eating. 

What Intuitive Eating Looks Like

Intuitive Eating focuses on nurturing and re-connecting with your body by allowing it to guide how you're feeling. Honouring your hunger and eating regularly to support your body and its vital functions is a major aspect of intuitive eating. Intuitive eating doesn't create guidelines of foods you should avoid or what and when you should be eating, its listening and trusting your body's intuition to create a healthy attitude towards food and body image. Rejecting diet culture, honouring your hunger and making peace with your food will guide you to start honouring your health and wellbeing. There must be a shift from the focus of shrinking our bodies to using gentle nutrition to feeling energised, nourished, strong and alive. 

Here at therabrew rejecting diet culture is something that we feel so strongly towards and is the reason why Therabrew is not regarded as a weight loss tea and I hope that it will never be associated with these types of products that damage your relationship with food. Our products have been specifically formulated to support bodily functions and assist with certain inconveniences naturally. Whether its digestive issues, stress, anxiety, sleepless nights or simply looking for something to help support your immune system, therabrew can assist. 

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