Poor Sleep & Weight Gain : The importance of getting a good night's rest

Sleep a time where our mind should be at rest, but for many of us its a time where our conscious fills up with random thoughts, tasks ahead and what we are going to eat for breakfast the next day. This cyclone of 3am thoughts and reflection prevents us from giving our body a well deserved rest. Lack of sleep creates all sorts of chaos for your body, not only does it leave you feeling restless throughout the day but its also a contributing factor to weight gain, cardiovascular diseases and mood/stress disorders. All these risks are influenced by your sleep routine and can have a huge impact on your cognitive and physical function. Studies have shown that having a good nights rest can improve memory, performance, metabolism and your emotional health, so why not support your body by giving it a good nights rest?

The sleep and weight gain relationship is something talked about quite frequently, but how exactly is inadequate sleep causing you to gain weight?  You may be training every single day, putting all your efforts into your gym sessions and pilates but still gaining weight. Studies have conveyed that theres a direct relationship between the fewer hours you sleep the higher body weight you will have, leading to an increased risk of Obesity and metabolic diseases.  Body weight increases due to many factors but the main reason is when energy intake is greater than expenditure. Your diet and physical activity throughout the day also plays an important part in this but so does getting enough sleep.

Something to think about is the less you sleep the more you eat. Poor Sleep can impact appetite regulation by influencing your hormones that work together to control appetite and satiety.

Grehlin and Leptin are the two hormones secreted by your body to control appetite. Ghrelin increases your appetite and Leptin lets your body know when you’re full. Together these two impact what you put into your body.  Poor sleep affects signals from the brain which control these two hormones being released which can lead to an increased food intake. This is why many studies show the strong correlation between reduced hours of sleep and the increased risk of an individual developing obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Poor sleep quality and overall sleep loss is a frequent complaint in today’s society. Its the down side that comes from stressful jobs, staying up late or simply neglecting your time to rest. Its clear that a lack of sleep not only leaves you feeling drowsy and sluggish but has a larger impact on your overall health and wellbeing, this is why we are here to assist.

Sleep is one of the most essential healings you can give to your body. Our Sleep Assist tea is a perfect blend of sedating herbs to assist. A cup of our herbal comfort blend will create a soothing night time ritual to wind you down and create deep rest and renewal. The herbs used in this blend contain an antioxidant called Apigenin. This antioxidant binds to receptors in your brain to decrease stress and anxiety to initiate sleep, this is why its the perfect blend to assist with restless nights.  Its time to open up the gateway for peaceful rest and take control of your sleep routine  by using our Sleep Assist Tea. 

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