The Gut Health Guide

Most of us have symptoms of poor gut health, whether we realise it or not. It’s the downside to living in our modern society, surrounded by toxins, stress, pesticides, antibiotics and processed foods. Gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. This population of good and bad bacteria are known collectively as the gut microbiota. Poor gut health may come up as digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, reflux, loose stools, gut pain and IBS. Or it may show up as something you never realised was to do with your gut such as food intolerances, allergies, skin rashes even our mental health can be affected by our gut health. To properly address these conditions you must first heal the lining of the gut and support the growth of healthy gut flora and this is how it can be done.

First things first your diet! Now diet plays a very important role in healing the gut as well as reducing stress, improving sleep and eliminating environmental toxins. This can all be done by simple changes to your everyday dietary behaviours which will create a major change to how you’re feeling physically and emotionally.

Here are some little changes you can do to help heal the gut and prevent digestive issues:

  • Clean up your diet. Eliminating processed foods, refined sugars and replacing them with nourishing foods is the first step in healing the gut.
  • Rebuild your gut lining with Bone Broths and fermented foods. The collagen and healthy bacteria will strengthen the lining of the gut this will promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.
  • Eat Saturated fats. Healthy fats help you absorb the vitamins in your diet, fuel your brain and keep you fuller for longer without the need of snacking throughout the day.
  • Improve Sleep and manage stress. Hitting the hay early and reducing stress levels with some Calm Me and Sleep Assist tea will keep you calm and resting well throughout the night.
  • Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate!!!! keep your body nourished with fluids. Your body is made up of 60% water. It’s needed to support all the vital organs and their functions.

We understand that poor gut health and digestive issues can be uncomfortable and a little embarrassing at times. For these reasons we have created our De- Bloat and Digest tea to help assist and bring relief to these inconveniences. Our soothing blend aims to reduce inflammation in the gut lining and assist in the digestive process. Tap the picture below to get your De-Bloat and Digest Tea today.

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