Everything You Need To Know About Collagen

Collagen has been quite a hot topic for the health and beauty industry recently where many people are questioning is this another health trend or fad ? My personal opinion is that more people are becoming aware and conscious about their health and wellbeing, therefor the boost in more people wanting to reek in the benefits of collagen. For the people who don’t know much about Collagen, this post will go through all the important aspects, benefits and different sorts of supplementation methods for you to reek in it’s amazing benefits.

Collagen is the main protein building block of the skin and is also found in our bones, tendons and ligaments. We lose collagen naturally as we age, through diet and genetics so it’s important to continue replenishing our bodies with Collagen sources.

Collagen has many benefits some of them are:

  • Gives body tissue structure
  • Strengthens muscles and relieves joint pain
  • Improves skin health, hair and nails

But other than the incredible benefits collagen has for our skin, hair and bone health, Collagen can also help prevent inflammation in the gut, therefor controlling symptoms of IBS & Leaky Gut. Collagen contains a key amino acid called Glutamine, this power amino acid is key for preventing inflammation. The cells that line our gut are made up of collagen so supporting this connective tissue through diet and collagen supplementation creates a stronger gut lining so nutrients can permeate through.

This is why it’s important to have a diet containing rich Collagen foods, these include high protein foods, bone broths, nuts, lean meats, seafood, foods containing vitamin C, zinc & copper. For those looking to get more Collagen into their diets via supplementation, here’s a little breakdown of the different types to make your choice easier. Here are some of the different types of Collagen:

Type 1

  • Most common form of Collagen
  • Makes up 90% of our hair, nails, skin, bones and ligaments
  • supports youthful looking skin
  • Sources listed further in this blog but a popular choice is marine collagen

Type 2

  • Helps restore and maintain gut lining and build cartilage
  • Supports immune and digestive health
  • Usually sourced from chicken 

Type 3

  • Found along side type 1 collagen in smaller doses to support skin and bone health
  • Maintains cardiovascular health by supporting arterial walls
  • Beef-based Collagen is the common source

Type V/X

  • Type V forms cell membranes and placental tissue
  • Type X helps form bones
  • Usually found in multi-collagen protein supplements

Collagen comes in many different forms ( only to make the decision a little more confusing) Heres a breakdown of the different forms your Collagen supplements can come in:

Collagen Peptides:

Most common, these are hydrolysed drops which are easier to digest than protein powders and can be dissolved in hot/ cold drinks or in your food.

Collagen Protein Powders:

Great for speeding up injury recovery and muscle repair. Collagen proteins also contain 3 important amino acids that aren’t in whey protein ( Glycine, Prolone, hydroxypoline)

Collagen + Whey protein Powders:

Now this is the therabrew recommendation because you’re not only getting the BCAA’s benefits from the whey protein, you’re achieving increased muscle synthesis + improved bone, skin, hair and nail health all in 1.

I hope this was helpful to those confused about the Collagen hype, therabrew health and wellness club will continue to convey all our knowledge and insights on how to improve all things health and wellness.

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